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About Us

Since the beginning of time, storytelling has been the favored method for teaching, learning, and historical documentation. Ray Bradbury, captured the importance and essence of this time honored tradition in his book “Fahrenheit 451,” in which the protagonist Guy Montag must choose between feeding his desire to find knowledge in the written word and continuing his duty as a fireman who burns books in a future American society.

The KART Digital Broadcasting Network (KART-DBN) is devoted to commercial free storytelling 24/7. KART-DBN was created to promote literacy and learning among children. We are in a Technology Revolution where access to the Internet and Apps through computers and mobile devices are redefining children’s literacy and changing methods of learning. Our goal is to use technology to provide an accessible platform where young minds can enjoy commercial free entertainment and educational programming.

Our Reach

Families and classrooms in over 115 countries rely on our programing as an educational source and with the growing appetite for parents and schools to use online resources as teaching tools, we strive to build on our media center and continue to recommend content that will enrich the lives of children all over the world.

Our Free Programing Content and Sources

We broadcast a mix of our own originals, permisson-granted-donated copyright protected works, and content from the public domain.*

Some of our public domain* audio recordings are gathered from Librivox.org and Archive.org. Some of the text resources were collected and digitized by Gutenberg.org, Amazon.com, and Google Books. Additionally, we air audio representations from authors listed on the KART Kids Book List and accept submissions and seek permission from the copyright holders of formally published, audio produced, and unpublished works.

KART-DBN is an initiative of PediNatural and its charitable giving branch, The Kids Are Readers Too (KART) Foundation. PediNatural is a New Jersey based small business multimedia publisher and children's literacy advocate. To find out more about the efforts of PediNatural and The KART Foundation, visit www.kartfoundation.org

*Public domain means that no one holds a copyright on these written works and therefore anyone is free to distribute them.

Our Story