What sponsorship and advertising opportunities do you offer?

~ Please visit our sponsorship page for more details.

Is the KART Digital Broadcasting Network (KART-DBN) Free?

~Yes, completely. No subscription or fees required. If you have access to an internet connection, an app for your mobile device, or a smart tv you can listen to our station for free.

How do I or my child become a volunteer reader?

~ KART-DBN assigns audio projects to volunteers from all over the world. Readers of all ages are invited to participate. Please email us for more information or to sign up at kartkidsdb@gmail.com.

Do you only broadcast stories?

~ No. Our main focus is education and entertainment through storytelling. Therefore, we also air poems, songs, educational segments, plays ect. for children on our network.

Will your programs be available on-demand or for download at a later time?

~ An On-Demand feature is coming soon. In the mean time, we do replay programs often, so please tune-in.

Is there a fee for submitting material to your station? Do you pay royalties or offer other compensation.

~ There is no submission fee. If you have children's material we wish to know about it. All works submitted to us are done so free of compensation and under the contract terms, we do not offer payment or royalties for broadcasting. On the other hand, copyright holders may choose to benefit, financially or otherwise, from our marketing plans or promotional endeavors without owing us any compensation either.

Do I have to be on the KART Kids book list to be considered for the program?

~ No. The KART Digital Broadcasting Network is a separate project from the KART Kids Book List. While we encourage book list winners to participate, anyone may choose to submit their works for consideration.

How do I get my work broadcast on your network.

~ Please email kartkidsdb@gmail.com and tell us about your work. We choose material that is age/content appropriate for children under 12 years old.

What kinds of material are you looking for?

~ Children's books (incl. audio books), poems, songs, radio shows/plays, educational skits etc. for ages 12 and under.

Does the material have to be published or have to be physical books or works? Are E-Books OK?

~ The material does not have to be previously published. It is also not required that they be physical books or works. We also welcome e-books for consideration.

On which radio station will my works be broadcast?

~ That depends on recording length.
KART Kids Radio One - Airs short stories and more.
KART Kids Radio Two - Airs chapter books, novels, and more.

How long/often will my story run on your station?

~ All stories that are chosen will air often enough to maximize exposure. Also, we can work out a regular time slot to broadcast different stories or shows from your catalog if you have one.