Back in 2010 when PediNatural created the KART Kids Book List to promote independent self-published and small company published children's books, we had no idea the impact the KART Kids Children's Literature initiative could have. Now its 5 years later and with an audience from over 115 countries we at KART Kids are doing it again.

We are excited to introduce KART Kids Reviews, a brand new free program that will launch in May 2015 replacing the KART Kids Book List. Every month our KART Kids review team will choose books to recommend and write about. Our reviews will be published to our blog and shared throughout our expanding network.

Our writers are a brand new group of evaluators who have never worked on the former Book List review committee. We have hired experienced industry professionals who will write honest, impartial

If you would like to participate in this new program to get your book(s) reviewed by us, please visit our webpage below for more information:

787 days ago
Introducing KART Kids Book Reviews