The KART Digital Broadcasting Network (KART-DBN), home of KART Kids Radio, is expanding its digital footprint to welcome educational web series for children and tweens. This November, KART-DBN will begin linking its audience to free original webisodes that teach problem solving, listening skills, conflict resolution, and promote creativity.

“Since the beginning of time, storytelling has been the favored method for teaching, learning, and historical documentation,” said Terica Lynn Swangin, Founder & CEO of PediNatural (KART-DBN’s parent company). “We are in a Technology Revolution where access to the Internet and Apps through computers and mobile devices are redefining children’s literacy and changing methods of learning. KART-DBN’s goal is to use technology to provide an accessible platform for young minds to access commercial free entertainment and educational programming. Families and classrooms in over 115 countries rely on our programing as an educational source and with the growing appetite for parents and schools to use online videos as teaching tools, we hope to build on our resource center by continuing to recommend content that will enrich the lives of children all over the world.”

Stay-Tuned - There will be more awesomeness to come!
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KART = Kids Are Readers Too. KART-DBN is a product of PediNatural - a New Jersey, USA based multimedia publisher and The KART Foundation – PediNatural’s charitable giving branch and children's literacy advocate. To find out more about the efforts of PediNatural and The KART Foundation, visit

1301 days ago
KART Digital Broadcasting Adds Web Series For Kids & Tweens